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Pervaiz Lodhi

TV & Radio Broadcaster with a multifunctional track record of achievements. An experience in Television Programming, Production, Strategy, and Content Design. Perwaiz Lodhi has worked as Head of Programming for a couple of Television Channels including, Aaj News, Hum TV, and GTV News. Currently, he is working as a “Head of Strategy & Content” for […]

Sohail Khan

A blind cricket journalist who used to work as a radio journalist. He is now a full-time cricket statistician and analyst. His knowledge about Pakistani and international cricket is mind-boggling. Along with cricket, he also has full knowledge of the Box office and is generally a very intelligent person.


By - Anzaar Ansari

Aagahi focuses on any topic worth propagating such as the many issues confronting our society including Sindh Police, health, hygiene, transport, governance, etc. The show also features interviews of our Ghazi police officers.

Morning 360

By - Rizwan Basit

The Show discusses a broad range of issues such as health, fitness, current issues, success stories, general advice on daily issues, cuisine of different cities of Pakistan and road safety issues. The Show is interspersed with songs and pop music. Hosted by RJ Rizwan Basit.