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Rizwan Basit

Rizwan Basit is a News Anchor. He’s also a Voice over Artist,  Short Film Maker, Director, and Actor. Previously, he was the Anchor of a Current Affairs programme. He is also a Street Theater Artist and Singer.

PK Ka Gola

By - PK Pakistani

The Sherry Show features an appearance of Guest by the well-known personality simply known as PK PAKISTANI as he discusses various social issues confronting the general public. He will offer candid views, along with motivational messages. Hosted by RJ Jehangir Nayyar.

Life Class

By - Nazea Amin

This makeover of a show targets listeners in the age group of 24 to 64. Celebrities discuss the gaps in their life, and healer/mentors guide them accordingly to build great personal branding. CEOs shall appear offering career advice and sharing their journey. The Show also has a segment dedicated to travel.